The TD 100 CE delivers high-level disinfection to TOE probes in ONLY 5 minutes. The TD 100 CE disinfects each TOE probe with High-level disinfectant and provides printed verification upon completion of successful disinfection cycle. Microprocessor-controlled, the TD 100 CE is simple to use for any health care professional reprocessing a used TOE ultrasound probe.


The TD 100 CE dramatically reduces the amount of stress and the potential for damage to TOE probes. The system was designed with every aspect of the TOE probe taken into consideration. The control handset is held securely within the TD 100 CE, while strain and stress are minimized from the cable and electronic pack adapter with a specially designed hanger and mounts for both.

The TD 100 has been a wonderful addition to our TOE lab. It is easy to use and keeps the probes in pristine shape.

- Angela W, University of Louisville Hospital


Additionally, the height to insert the TOE probe distal tip and the shaft is only 38", giving less potential of hitting and damaging the distal tip during insertion into the TD 100 CE.


The TD 100 CE suspends the TOE probe in a custom-fitted bracket that holds the control handle securely while the insertion shaft of the probe is placed within the disinfection reservoir for high-level disinfection. The TD 100 CE is designed to prevent oversoaking as this is the second leading reported damage to TOE probes beyond being dropped or struck by another object. Manual reprocessing can expose your TOE probes to this type of expensive damage.



  •  Cost Savings
  •  Fast & Easy to Use
  •  Printed Verification
  •  Protects Your Staff
  •  Automatic Waste Disposal
  •  Compact
  •  Bonded Filters
  •  FDA Cleared


Refurbished Option


The CS-TD-100RS or CS-TD-100R8 is a complete installation that includes:

  • A refurbished TD 100 CE
  • Pre-installation and starter kits
  • Vapor management kit
  • One case of 32 bottles of high-level disinfectant
  • Device final acceptance and staff in-service training
  • 5 user licenses for the Web-Based TD 100 CE In-Service Training

Once the pre-installation work is complete, a trained CS Medical service technician will arrive at your facility and complete the final installation and acceptance of the device followed by a training session to show staff how to use and maintain the device.


Each CS-TD-100RS or CS-TD-100R8 has been reliably refurbished with complete traceability and then re-deployed to meet all FDA regulations for the refurbishment of medical devices. CS Medical operates a completely controlled ISO 13485:2016 and FDA compliant manufacturing environment.



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